about me

i'm Tynishia Mcgraw - a mother, writer, and soul-seeker. 

currently living in Los Angeles, California by way of my hometown of Kansas City, Kansas, i am currently building intentional relationships and working on my life's dream of TV & film production. this time in my life is about marrying what i'm good at with what i'm avidly passionate about.


my love of exploration and storytelling comes through the vehicle of words and artistic expression. my lifestyle blog and podcast "finally free" explores my life on an intimate level and provides guidance for others.


at the beginning of it all, my "why" is my children, but it expands into the need to help others express their own truth. that's why you're here. 

if you're looking to connect on a soul level or need a hand with production, feel free to reach out. 


contact me:


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