hi, i'm

tynishia mcgraw.

writer | mother | producer | soul seeker

i'm tynishia mcgraw, a purpose-driven expressionist

and soul-seeking pisces. 

motherhood is my love language. 

so, i wrote a book. 

as a mother of four beautiful souls, i hold stories of

triumph, growth, and pure love that

i desire to share with the world.
my journey as a mom has

molded me into the woman i am today.









my experiences with my children inspired the words

that formed into Mom, I Lost My Jacket

my first children's book of a five-part series.

it was a transformative journey that highlighted my love of

words and storytelling.  

mcgraw cover page 22.JPG

did you know superwoman was down to earth?

being a mom and a creative is (fulfilling) work.

in order to stay centered i ground myself

through traveling. 

it's part of my manifesto as a soul-seeker and love to tell the stories i've acquired during my journey.


i am: finally free. 

part of my purpose to help others 

is about creating vehicles to 

share those stories. 

my podcast finally free

is a platform for sharing the stories

of myself as well as other men and women who

have undergone periods of growth 

to reach optimum feelings of freedom.